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Huck and Lilly,
I’ve pasted a link (above) to a picture of my daughter Sophie with you last Tuesday at your Seaside concert.  We saw you in Seaside two years ago, and your CD has been on repeat in my car ever since (okay, not constantly, but we know every word to every song, and we enjoy the CD just as much today as we did two years ago).
We waited until Tuesday afternoon to tell Sophie that we were going to see you perform in the amphitheater that night because we weren’t sure whether the weather was going to cooperate, and we didn’t want to set her up for disappointment.  When we did finally tell her, she couldn’t believe it.  She fell into my arms and started crying happy tears.  It was the sweetest moment!  Thanks for such a fun show.
And in case you’re wondering, your new CD is now in my car, and we all have Sunshine stuck in our heads 🙂
Thanks for such a great show and for making music that’s fun for our whole family.
-Susanne M


Boy with cd

Hey there!

Hope you’re enjoying your Huck & Lilly music!

If you like to dance and sing along to our music, send us your video or YouTube video link! Email us at huckandlilly@yahoo.com or send us a letter in the mail to:

Huck and Lilly Fans
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