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Huck & Lilly are now On Sirius XM’s Kid’s Place Live! Request their new single “I Sat On A Porcupine” at (866) 328-2345 or email kidsplacelive@siriusxm.com


The Fiddler Crab (He Don’t Play The Fiddle) ***MUSIC VIDEO***

The Fiddler Crab playin the fiddle




I Sat On a Porcupine with porcupine in yellow circle.




Slo-Mo-Joe turtle riding on back of a dog, 55 mph speed limit sign.




Featured Video The Fiddler Crab and Kellie Pickler & Kyle Jacobs



The HUCK & LILLY Story!

“Music for kids” and the grown-ups who love them.


“There’s a Tree Growing in my Room”, the new full-length album by Huck & Lilly, is an imaginative labor of love 100% written, produced and performed by husband and wife team, Ken Johnson and Andi Zack-Johnson (aka Huck & Lilly) along with multi-Grammy and Dove award winning producer, Skidd Mills. You and yours will enjoy the array of different character voices, harmonies, humorous and heartwarming stories as well as a wide variety of instrumentation that make up the “Yumbo Gumbo” that is the Huck & Lilly mojo!

The album features 10 songs that make up a whimsical and entertaining journey featuring music for kids AND the grown-ups who love them!™

Huck & Lilly CD Cover - There a Tree Growing in My RoomYou and your children will love getting to know a positive and colorful cast of characters. From Slo-Mo Joe, an ambitious turtle who finds a way to embrace the speed of life, to a free-spirited, wing-clipped parrot accustomed to an adventurous life at sea who falls overboard from a pirate ship and ends up in a zoo only to be rescued by his captain and returned to his pirate destiny…

Singer/songwriters Ken Johnson and Andi Zack-Johnson aka Huck and Lilly’s new CD, “There’s a Tree Growing in my Room”, is available in our Shop and on iTunes now.

Ken and Andi are also cast members on the hit docu-comedy, “I Love Kellie Pickler”, starring Kellie Pickler and her husband Kyle Jacobs, on CMT, produced by Ryan Seacrest. You can watch Season 1 Season 2 and Season 3 on itunes here : )


a“I Love Kellie Pickler” On CMT


Ken Johnson aka Huck, Andi Zack-Johnson aka Lilly, Kellie Pickler and Kyle Jacobs singing for the kids at The Children’s Hospital in Nashville. Season2.


Kellie and Andi practicing some songs with Slo Mo Joe